Welcome to A WELL ADJUSTED CLINIC Chiropractic Clinic

Charlestown Chiropractor 
Gwandalan Chiropractor

We focus on providing the highest quality care.
At our clinic we offer:
   * Chiropractic
                   * dry-needling (musculoskeletal acupuncture) 
* soft tissue work
*low force and manual techniques 

N.B. HICAPS available for Chiropractic services

Chiropractic is dealing with your spine and your Nervous System – we want your body to function as best as possible. In order to do this we need to remove pressure from your nerves, and that is done by adjusting your spine and releasing tension in your muscles.

When needed our Chiropractor may also use musculoskeletal acupuncture or dry-needling to assist with our treatment of shortened muscles, irritated nerves and swelling/inflammation.

Soft tissue work is working on layers of muscle to release tension in your body caused by stress or injury.

We have clinics in Charlestown and Gwandalan. Call us today to book your check-up!!

General Enquiries

(For Booking Please contact Us By Phone)

56 Dudley Rd CHARLESTOWN 2290
Ph:4946 2426 or 0404 058 358
3 Mistral Close GWANDALAN 2259
Ph: 4976 2382 or 0404 058 358