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Chiropractic is all about helping your body move better by adjusting your spine and releasing tense soft tissues, and therefore affecting your nervous system, to help remove interference.
This interference in the body is often seen as:
       * limited function
      * decreased flexibility
       * inflammation
     * sciatica
       * headaches
     * leg pain
       * asthma
     * low back pain
      * neck pain
     * pins and needles
      * numbness
     * indigestion
      * colic.....
just to name a few.

This interference (in Chiropractic terms is known as a Subluxation) often arises from accidents, stress, lack of exercise, illness, poor posture, so that basically means over-use, under-use or mis-use.

What do Chiropractors do??
As Chiropractors we use Adjustments to the spine and other joints in the body to restore normal joint movement which can help you feel and move better. When the body is well aligned your muscles, joints, and ligaments are able to function together with greater ease. An Adjustment generally involves a quick thrust to a joint that has restricted motion, in a specific direction to help restore proper joint movement. Generally this is done by hand, or using a hand held instrument known as an Activator, by the use of pelvic blocks or a device on our chiropractic table.

Can everyone get Chiropractic??
There are many ways to adjust the spine with both manual techniques and low force techniques which are suitable for the whole family and very gentle for osteoporotic, elderly and newborns. When needed we also use musculoskeletal acupuncture or dry-needling to assist with our treatment of shortened muscles, irritated nerves and swelling/inflammation and trigger point therapy to release muscles in tension.

Through chiropractic and  soft tissue release the body gets a tune-up. Let’s try and catch small problems before they have a chance to develop into bigger problems. We treat everyone from newborn babies to pregnant women to the elderly and everyone in between. Call us today to arrange your initial consultation!

We have clinics at Charlestown and Gwandalan - call us today to book your appointment!!

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